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Movie Review: Now You See Me

by Dan Fields

Louis Leterrier's magic heist film Now You See Me stars Jesse Eisenberg
© 2013 Summit Entertainment

The Sorcerer’s Accomplice

It may help to know beforehand that Louis Leterrier, director of Now You See Me, is also the man behind the first two Transporter movies, the remake of Clash Of The Titans, and the latest version of The Incredible Hulk. In other words, his reputation to date hinges on vast amounts of visual spectacle, geared toward the parts of the brain that see fast-moving things and cause the body to gasp with glee. The parts that reason, appreciate coherence, and savor subtlety have been left mostly out of the equation so far.

Now, suddenly, Leterrier has directed a script with nearly as much going on beneath the surface as upon it. Nearly, I repeat. Now You See Me is still a chocolate-frosted treat for the lower brain, but the cleverness accompanying all the flash and sizzle is a welcome surprise. Continue reading