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Shoot Me Twice: Robocop

by Dan Fields

Shoot Me Twice by Fields Point Review dissects the 1987 and 2014 versions of Robocop

Part man. Part machine. All cop. There’s your tagline, and what better introduction to the original and remade versions of the iconic RoboCop?

RoboCop (1987)
directed by Paul Verhoeven

Peter Weller as Paul Verhoeven's RoboCop brings law to a city in chaos
Alex Murphy, a.k.a. RoboCop (Peter Weller) saves Detroit with tough, blood-soaked love.
© 1987 Orion Pictures

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Blu-Ray Review: The Dark Knight Rises

by Dan Fields
First published December 10, 2012 by the California Literary Review
Batman faces Bane in the Dark Knight Rises

© 2012 Warner Brothers/DC Comics
Photo by Ron Phillips

This year, the latest chapter of an enduring legend bids us farewell. Christopher Nolan, whose unexpected helming of Batman Begins and The Dark Knight helped boost him as a filmmaking force, brought his vivid interpretation of the Caped Crusader to a stunning conclusion. Though occasionally problematic in many of the same ways at its predecessors, The Dark Knight Rises achieves new levels of excitement and emotional satisfaction as it brings its legend full circle. Continue reading

Movie Review: Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

by Dan Fields
First published January 07, 2012 by the California Literary Review

Cloaks Within Daggers Within Cloaks

The next time you sit down at an office meeting, a card game, or a family dinner, look around the table and try to guess which of the familiar faces you see actually wants to betray and destroy you. It’s a fun game, and a good preparatory exercise for Tomas Alfredson’s Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, based on John le Carré’s popular novel of the same name. The movie may test your patience, but expect to have that patience rewarded with an engrossing brainteaser of a film.
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