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Kudzu House publishes “And Every Living Thing…”

My short story “And Every Living Thing After Its Kind” has made its published debut in the 2016 Winter Solstice Issue of Kudzu House Quarterly, a literary journal concerned with the human race and its place in the natural world.

Story excerpt:

In this land of looming cataclysm, a small enclave of academics had gathered to catalog one more speck in the staggering geological, anthropological, bio-botanical history of South America. Primary tests put the eruption which filled this valley, and stewed at least one Quichua village, between three and four hundred years ago. That range of time saw violent episodes from almost all the major peaks in the region, so any chance witness to Taquinarumi’s eruption would have seen it as a footnote. One more apocalyptic belch in the wind. How hysterical it would be if this tiny, isolated bowl of dry lava were to yield a discovery of historic moment on par with… well, maybe not Pompeii, but…

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