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Fiction: Indiana Voice Journal publishes “Cachette”

Fields Point Review is undergoing a long-overdue broadening of scope. In addition to reviews and articles it will also serve as a platform for promoting fiction by your humble authorcritic, Dan Fields, and hopefully others in the near future.

The inaugural piece of this brave new age is a short story, “Cachette,” which appears in the February 2015 issue (#7) of Indiana Voice Journal.

See excerpt below:

As Marjan Radić lays out bills along the sloping kitchen counter, his eyes keep darting back to two little faces bordered in red. It is one of those circulars mailed out by the post office, with “HAVE YOU SEEN ME?” printed at the top. He should be concentrating on the bills which, although steep, are manageable for the first time in a long while. Winter is on the way, six months of freezing his can trying to keep other tenants warm and dry, so any money he can put away for Sophie and the kids now is worth celebrating. Rounding off the totals, he creeps toward his monthly income, subtracting for bus fare and basic groceries, without quite going over, as far as he can figure it. This makes him practically a millionaire.

Still, the tiny MISSING face draws his eye away every few seconds.

Read the full story in Indiana Voice Journal