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Movie Review: Drive

by Dan Fields
First published September 17, 2011 by the California Literary Review

What Makes A Man to Wander…?

Drive, the latest film by Danish director Nicolas Winding Refn, arrives amid great fanfare, with high expectations riding shotgun. Younger sibling of the Pusher films, Valhalla Rising. and the wrenching cult hit Bronson, it promised to rattle fans hard while defying all guesses as to what will come around each corner. But after all, it’s just a movie about a getaway driver, right?

Well… that is how it starts. Continue reading

True Blood Review: Season 4 Bites Deep But Doesn’t Suck

by Dan Fields
First published September 12, 2011 by the California Literary Review
True Blood - Season 4 (HBO)

© 2011 HBO

HBO’s runaway hit True Blood has never been for the modest, squeamish, or faint of heart. The latest season is no exception, and in fact confirms that the third season was no fluke. In the supernatural hotbed of Louisiana, things are getting more bleak and nasty every day. Sookie Stackhouse, reluctant heroine of the Charlaine Harris book series turned prime-time sex kitten, has just about seen everything in the last few years, yet all signs indicate that the mayhem to date merely scratches the surface of “what’s out there.” Continue reading