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Movie Review: Your Highness

by Dan Fields
First published April 09, 2011 by the California Literary Review

Cue the Black Plague, please

For years, I have heard and filed away lavish praise of David Gordon Green as an inspired and clever filmmaker. Something told me not to believe it, and Your Highness proves what I suspected all along — that it was all a big hipster lie. Predators dashed my childish fanboy dreams. Paranormal Activity 2 instilled me with despondent boredom. Saw 3D unapologetically piled virtual intestines on my face. Never, though, have I felt as criminally sinned against as by Your Highness.

To call this movie a “stoner comedy,” the most convenient label at hand, is an insult to stoners. I refused to get stoned before seeing it, as more than one person recommended. I doubt it would have helped. If only the makers of the film would publish something — perhaps as a DVD extra — describing how and why this film is supposed to be funny, perhaps more of us could be in on the joke.
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Movie Review: Hop

by Dan Fields
First published April 02, 2011 by the California Literary Review

Bunny Talks, B.S. Walks (all over a paying audience)

Director Tim Hill certainly believes in setting the bar high for himself. His new Easter-themed fantasy Hop crowns a powerhouse trilogy of revolutionary children’s entertainment. Who would have thought he could top both Alvin And The Chipmunks and Garfield: A Tale Of Two Kitties with this master stroke of candy-colored anthropomorphic animal mayhem?

Leftover April Fool’s, anybody?
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