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Movie Review: The Lincoln Lawyer

by Dan Fields
First published March 19, 2011 by the California Literary Review

Shall he not summon twelve legions of bikers?

Michael Connelly is a very popular author, but it is easy to dismiss a film adapted from an airport bestseller, sight unseen. In this case, it would be most unfair. The Lincoln Lawyer spins a tangled and entertaining yarn about a maverick lawyer who knows how to get tough when he needs to. The movie adaptation by Brad Furman is nicely paced and well put together. As a fairly straightforward mystery/thriller it may fail to achieve lasting acclaim, but it is well worth a couple of hours’ diversion.

Mickey Haller (Matthew McConaughey) is a smooth-talking criminal defense attorney, whose “thing” is conducting business out of his slick black Lincoln, which is constantly on the move through the streets of Los Angeles. In addition, he is a very sly fellow willing to pull an unscrupulous string or two in order to keep his reputation notorious and high-profile. He deals with every questionable walk of life, most notably a gang of bikers who appear at intervals to trade pleasantries and occasional favors with him. Does anybody suspect that this stone-cold stud is headed for a massive reality check?
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